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Thank you for stopping by the station! Here, we provide online biblical coaching sessions for folks who are looking for prayer and encouragement during a tough time and for others who may be dealing with more severe issues, such as childhood abuse resulting in Dissociative Identity Disorder formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. We also offer local Pastoral Counseling in the Gettysburg, Pa area through FV Counseling Services housed at Freedom Valley Church. *Please Note* Calling from a distance? We offer coaching sessions through Skype. Select Skype when making your appointment. Also, we gladly offer discounted sessions for folks who struggle financially; just indicate during your booking appointment. Donations will ensure that this service can continue and we thank you in advance for sowing into the lives of others. See Donation Button below. Please give us a call to make an appointment or ask questions. 717-688-5910
As director of the Healing Dimensions Ministry, I have had the pleasure of having Linda as a friend and colleague. Linda has training with Dissociative Identity Disorder. She has been the go-to-person for clients with DiD. Linda consistently goes the extra mile for those clients and in her learning and studies as well. We know of two clients in particular who have had outstanding success and healing with Linda’s help.
Jean Vardjan

Linda has been a coach at FV Counseling Services since 5/15/2006. She has a proven record of helping people find freedom in Christ. I have valued her persistence and devotion to deliverance training as she has committed herself to learning and proven herself to be invaluable to those struggling with DID in this community.
Julie Stoltzfoos, Director

This is my personal recommendation for Linda Craig. What makes Linda so special? The answer would be nothing. She has a genuine true love for this profession which in my opinion sets her apart from all the rest. She is completely devoted to her faith and will take the time to pray with you at the drop of a hat. I have never seen anyone put the effort into a counseling session like she does. They should be referred to as “healing sessions” because every time you leave you have something that has been healed, touched or feels renewed. Spending one hour with her can lead to total rejuvenation of the mind and soul. Every time she speaks there is comforting that just fills the room. Not all days are going to be happy ones, but if you know how to put those days into the right perspective you will have the ability to turn your frown upside down! Don’t waste a minute on what could be the beginning of your new life. Begin your journey, contact Linda.
Buffy S - Client
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